Classical Guitar Lessons In Canterbury

Classical Guitar Lessons Canterbury

Playing Classical Guitar involves highly specialised techniques that few people know. Acoustic guitars are designed to work in a particular way and the only way to make the guitar respond properly is with these special techniques, which unlock the full range of tones, depth of sound and dynamic range.

When Mykl gives Classical Guitar lessons he teaches everything the student needs to know, from how to produce the best sounds to how best to sit and even how to make practice time more efficient.

Tuition For Supreme Tone Production On Classical Guitars

Just plucking the strings with fingers will not produce a full, rich sound no matter how good the guitar is. There are many factors to consider:

- Angles of the plucking fingers. Hands and fingers are complex systems of muscles and joints. Classical Guitar Tuition CanterburyTo get the optimum range of sounds out of your guitar certain muscles must be used to move certain bones at certain angles. The ideal techniques for Classical Guitar are not intuitive for those without knowledge of physiology and the Classical Guitar's design;

- Angles of the fretting fingers. It's possible to play with bad fret hand technique and make a Classical Guitar Tuition Canterburygood sound, however, learning Mykl's Classical Guitar technique will enable passages containing chords to ring more clearly and allow you to reach a much higher level, with greater playing speed and fluidity. Using the correct muscles to ensure the fingers are at the correct angle means that less effort is required to play complicated passages;

- Choosing whether to use nails or finger tips. Plucking with finger tips provides a different tonal pallet to plucking with nails and different nail shapes produce yet more results. Mykl can explain the pros and cons of both methods and help you chose;

If this all seems too complicated, don't worry - Mykl M.Mus., BA(Hons) specialises in Classical Guitar finger picking technique and will teach you all this in a steady, progressive way. Not only will you know what to do, you will also know why it should be done. Classical Guitar lessons with Mykl will enable you to always get the best out of your guitar and reach your potential as a musician.

Complete Classical Guitar Lessons: Posture

There are many wrong ways for Classical Guitarists to sit and discovering the correct way by oneself is difficult.

Bad posture over long periods can not only cause your guitar playing to suffer, but also affect your general health. The spine is the foundation of everything you do, and misusing it can cause unexpected problems from wrist pain to indigestion. Mykl is one of a small number of instrument teachers in the country that are able to explain how to sit correctly.

Classical Guitar Lessons Canterbury

Mykl has researched Alexander Technique and, although not an expert in that field, has developed the guidelines for a safe, physiologically sound sitting posture for Classical Guitarists. This minimises back tension, allowing you to play for longer periods without aches and pains.

Classical Guitar Tuition for Interpretation

One of the wonderful things about the Classical Guitar is it's tonal range and expressive possibilities - people often say it's like having a small orchestra at your fingertips.

Classical Guitar Tuition Canterbury

There are numerous ways of enhancing the mood of musical passages: playing on a different part of the neck; altering the plucking technique; incorporating vibrato or ritardando. Mykl helps his Classical Guitar students to explore these possibilities when the time is right.

It's Hard To Play The Guitar Badly - It's Easy To Play It Well

Although it's difficult to learn perfect, efficient Classical guitar technique it saves effort in the long run. Learning to place your fingers in the correct place at the right angle and applying the Minimum Movement Principle means that less energy is needed to play the guitar. This means you can enjoy playing for longer, as well as achieving a much higher level of playing proficiency.

Email or phone Mykl now to enquire about or book lessons:
07789 557 698 or 01227 452 703
Duration: 30 minutes is normally a sufficient length although longer lessons can be arranged.

Location: Michael's house in Prioress Road, Canterbury, Kent, near Canterbury High School and Harbledown.

Price: £20 per 30 minutes.
45 minute (£30) & 60 minute (£40) lessons can be arranged.

Contact: For enquiries or bookings contact Michael by Email or phone:
01227 452 703 &
07789 557 698

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