Guitar Lessons In Canterbury

Guitar lessons take place at Mykl's house near Knights Avenue, west Canterbury, Kent (see MAP for the approximate location). There is plenty of free on-street parking and the area is quiet - a perfect environment for concentration! Lessons last 30 minutes and although this may not seem long it proves ideal for most students as one-on-one guitar lessons can be quite intense.

People have travelled quite far to have lessons with Mykl. Some even drove from the Isle of Sheppey every week. Why?

Because he's worth it!
Email or phone Mykl now to enquire about or book lessons:
07789 557 698 or 01227 452 703
Guitar Lessons, Canterbury
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Duration: 30 minutes is normally a sufficient length although longer lessons can be arranged.

Location: Michael's house in Prioress Road, Canterbury, Kent, near Canterbury High School and Harbledown.

Price: £20 per 30 minutes.
45 minute (£30) & 60 minute (£40) lessons can be arranged.

Contact: For enquiries or bookings contact Michael by Email or phone:
01227 452 703 &
07789 557 698

(these numbers are TPS registered)