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Mykl's Teaching
No matter where on Earth you live you can study music with Mykl in person or via webcam.

As Mykl understands that not everyone learns guitar as fast as everyone else he only teaches one-to-one and is a patient teacher who has experienced the problems and frustrations of learning an instrument. Because not everyone experiences the same difficulties he often devises exercise unique to each student to tackle a specific need and some of these exerises can even be done without a guitar.

Mykl -M.Mus., BA(Hons)- has been teaching guitar since 1996 and has researched guitar techniques and explored physiology, Alexander technique, sports and martial arts training and rehabilitation methods to develop a more efficient, injury-free technique, which he passes on to all his students.

There are many teachers who will teach you songs or guitar riffs that you want to play. What does that teach you? It teaches you a few cool riffs and is okay for a quick fix but doesn't help you in the long term. Mykl's approach is to teach you music. This means:
- you will be able to understand how music is made up. Understanding which notes work with which chords and even how to make your own guitar chords means you could write your own music or improvise;
- you will understand how to use your fingers and arms in the most efficient way possible. Develop dexterity, speed and stamina while avoiding repetitive strain injuries, unlocking your potential as quickly as possible while developing habits that will allow you to play guitar for a lifetime;
- you will learn how to use your guitar practice time more effectively to maximise you improvements in minimum time. The phrase 'practice makes perfect' is wrong. You could practise for hours and get worse if you don't know how to practise. Remember:

PERFECT practice makes perfect!

Full information can be found on his site dedicated to teaching.