Bass Guitar Lessons In Canterbury

Bass Guitar Lessons Canterbury

If you want bass guitar lessons in Canterbury, whether you want to play heavy metal, jazz or even slap bass for funk, read on to discover why bass guitar lessons with Mykl will be so good for you.

Mykl's Teaching Style For Bass Guitar lessons

Bass Guitar Lessons Canterbury

When most teachers give bass guitar lessons they teach you songs or riffs that you want to play. That might seem like a great idea but what does it teach you? A few cool riffs, but that's a quick fix: it doesn't help you in the long term. What happens when you want to learn something by yourself? You may not always be able to afford instrument lessons or may not always have access to good teachers.

That's why Mykl will teach you music:

- you will understand how music is constructed. Understanding which notes work with which chords enables you to create your own bass lines, whole songs or improvise - useful skills for those playing bass guitar in a band;

- you will understand how to use your fingers and arms in the most efficient (and physiologically safe) way possible. Develop dexterity, speed and stamina while avoiding repetitive strain injuries, unlocking your potential as quickly as possible while developing habits that will allow you to play guitar for a lifetime;

- If you are playing finger or slap style bass you will learn how to get the most out of your instrument to make a richer, more powerful sound or bring out the top end on slaps and pops. Making the perfect sound with your bass guitar is not just about having good equipment, you also need to know how to pluck to get the best out of your instrument;

- you will learn how to use your guitar practice time more effectively to maximise your improvements in minimum time. The phrase 'practice makes perfect' is wrong. You could practise for hours and get worse if you don't practise correctly. Remember:

only PERFECT practice makes perfect!

Email or phone Mykl now to enquire about or book lessons:
07789 557 698 or 01227 452 703
Duration: 30 minutes is normally a sufficient length although longer lessons can be arranged.

Location: Michael's house in Prioress Road, Canterbury, Kent, near Canterbury High School and Harbledown.

Price: £20 per 30 minutes.
45 minute (£30) & 60 minute (£40) lessons can be arranged.

Contact: For enquiries or bookings contact Michael by Email or phone:
01227 452 703 &
07789 557 698

(these numbers are TPS registered)
Bass Guitar Lessons Canterbury