Children's Guitar Lessons In Canterbury

Kid's Guitar Lessons, Canterbury

Are you thinking of guitar lessons for your kid? Has your child has been nagging you for guitar lessons? Do you think it would be good for your kid to learn to play guitar?

Although children under five have short attention spans Mykl has successfully taught kids as young as four. When Mykl teaches guitar lessons to children he breaks the session into short segments to keep the child's mind focused.

Research has shown that regular study of music improves kid's ability to focus on other tasks and get better grades in core subjects such as maths and languages.

No-one is too young to learn to play the guitar so long as the willingness to learn and the ability to practise between lessons is there.

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Guitar Sizes For Kids

Guitars of different sizes are available. The younger the student, the smaller the guitar should be so that the fingers are not unduly stretched and good technique can be learned. If you need help deciding what size guitar your child needs I am happy to help.

Email or phone Mykl now to enquire about or book lessons:
07789 557 698 or 01227 452 703
Duration: 30 minutes is normally a sufficient length although longer lessons can be arranged.

Location: Michael's house in Prioress Road, Canterbury, Kent, near Canterbury High School and Harbledown.

Price: £20 per 30 minutes.
45 minute (£30) & 60 minute (£40) lessons can be arranged.

Contact: For enquiries or bookings contact Michael by Email or phone:
01227 452 703 &
07789 557 698

(these numbers are TPS registered)