Learn Fingerpicking Guitar In Canterbury

Playing Fingerstyle Guitar involves special techniques that are known by few people. The only way to get the best sounds outFingerpicking Lessons Canterbury of your guitar is by learning how to use your fingers most efficiently and discovering how acoustic guitars work. Get lessons from a fingerpicking specialist to unlock the full potential of both you and your guitar!

When Mykl teaches fingerpicking lessons he shows his students everything they need to know: how best to sit or stand; how to produce the best sounds, and even how to make practice time more efficient.

Learn Fingerpicking Canterbury

Whatever style of fingerpicking you want to learn, the techniques are the same as for Classical Guitarists. Click here to read why Mykl is the best at teaching fingerstyle technique.

Email or phone Mykl now to enquire about or book lessons:
07789 557 698 or 01227 452 703
Duration: 30 minutes is normally a sufficient length although longer lessons can be arranged.

Location: Michael's house in Prioress Road, Canterbury, Kent, near Canterbury High School and Harbledown.

Price: £20 per 30 minutes.
45 minute (£30) & 60 minute (£40) lessons can be arranged.

Contact: For enquiries or bookings contact Michael by Email or phone:
01227 452 703 &
07789 557 698

(these numbers are TPS registered)